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What a photographer can’t live without

Now I will analyze that redundant list of necessary photographic equipment from the beginning of the article in more detail.

Why do you need a hood for a beginner and

The hood helps to cope with lens flare and ghosting in difficult shooting conditions.

The question arises.

What are you going to shoot in such difficult conditions that you need a lens hood?

Considering that you are a beginner photographer and perhaps you just shoot incorrectly or shoot from the wrong point?

It’s good if the lens is immediately equipped with a hood, but I do not recommend purchasing it separately.

There are also few options when a beginner may need a tripod. This is shooting at a slow shutter speed or shooting in low light.

I wrote in more detail about the need for a tripod in the article “Does a beginner photographer need a tripod”.

An external flash is a very useful and necessary accessory for a photographer. But not for a beginner.


Because a beginner photographer does not know how to work with light. And all common lighting schemes used in portrait photography require more than two light sources.

You need to come to the need to purchase an external flash consciously, when it will be extremely clear that you need it. But by this point, you will no longer be a beginner photographer.

And the most popular accessory that is always recommended to everyone and everywhere is an optics cleaning pencil.

But with a high probability, you will clean the lenses with something else.

An additional battery is also not needed.

A fully charged battery is enough for 200-300 frames on a mirrorless camera, and 400+ frames on a SLR camera.

This is a lot, if you do not fire bursts, but thoughtfully build a frame and composition.