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фотограф: Jay Maisel

Jay Meisel

When Color Matters Most

This photographer is called the world’s most famous specialist in working with color. His photographs are so bright and contrasting that color is the protagonist here. Meisel grew up in Brooklyn, and his love for the contrasts of his native streets dates back to childhood. Meisel said that he could wander the streets for hours and take hundreds of pictures to find “the one shot.” Parents introduced him to painting as a child, and Meisel invented something between a photograph and a painting.

фотограф: Jay Maisel

The most famous photo: an old man and a young man in New York. Meisel didn’t like to give big names to his pictures, but you definitely won’t miss this one. An old man and a young guy walk in opposite directions against a freshly painted brick wall on a New York street. Light, gesture and color – everything Meisel loved in one shot!0

Jay Maisel’s unique vision has resulted in 40 years of magazine covers, jazz albums and advertising campaigns around the world. His accomplishments include five covers for Sports Illustrated, the first two covers of New York Magazine, 12 years with United Technologies advertising campaigns, and a long list of awards from organizations such as ICP, ASMP, ADC, PPA and Cooper Union.