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An expensive camera won’t make you creative

Buying expensive professional photography equipment will not unlock your creativity. Expensive photo gear does matter in terms of technical quality, durability, ease of use and other factors, but building a powerful, creative image is about hard work, not about expensive gear. If you are willing to put in the effort, the rest will follow. My advice is to shoot with the best photography gear you can afford. And be sure to spend time researching and finding the best photography gear for your needs and order ENGAGAMENT PHOTOGRAPHY NYC. But once you get it, make sure your focus is on the art and not on the technique.

One thing I’ve noticed after years of teaching is that many fall into the category of people who “focus on equipment” much more than they enjoy photography. Many of my students know all about the latest technology in the photography industry, and yet they can’t seem to learn how to take amazing photos. The vector of attention is directed to excellent technique and its comparative tests, and not to the excellent photography that can be obtained with its help. However, I have other students who don’t seem to care at all about what they shoot with and are only interested in taking pictures. Yes, in certain conditions (poor lighting, etc.) it will be difficult for them to get a high-quality picture due to outdated equipment, but still, they have a very high chance of getting a masterpiece. Although there is nothing wrong with being interested in photography equipment and using it.

Unleash your creativity as a photographer

With all that said, the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself is get out there and shoot. It doesn’t matter where you live, where you work, or how much time you have. Every time you shoot, you feel more comfortable with your gear so you don’t have to think about it the next time conditions are perfect (and timing is everything). Not to mention, every time you shoot, you’re flexing your creative muscles and leaving your mind open to possibilities. So, when you find yourself in a beautiful place that you really connect with, you will have a great opportunity to create something powerful and impressive, go for it!